About Our School

Great News!

Spectrum Charter School’s Building is Energy Star Certified!

Students Attending Spectrum Charter School

Students who attend Spectrum Charter School are very diverse and multicultural; pre-kindergarten academics through 12th grade pre-college academic courses are taught.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is research-based and is compiled of traditional (i.e. science, history, math), functional (independent living skills), and transitional (school-to-work) academics. The curriculum includes online general and college-prep courses, meets the student’s strengths, interests, and needs, and is aligned with the Pennsylvania Academic State Standards. Working, volunteering, and learning in the community are an integral part of our curriculum and our mission.

Yoga, social therapy, sex education and recycling is also a part of our program.

Teacher to Student Ratio

1 Special Education Teacher & 1 paraeducator per 8 students.

Our School Day Hours

8:30 am – 3:00 pm.

Each Student Brings a Bag Lunch

Spectrum Charter School has full kitchen facilities for lunch preparation; refrigerator, microwaves, plates, utensils, etc.

Tuition & Transportation

Tuition: The student’s home school district (district of residence) pays the tuition.

Transportation: Under PA Code – 1949 Act 14, Section 1726 – A. Transportation: Students who attend a charter school located in their school district of residence, a regional charter school of which the school district is a part or a charter school located outside district boundaries at a distance not exceeding ten (10) miles by the nearest public highway shall be provided free transportation to the charter school by their school district of residence. There have been exceptions with some school districts providing transportation outside of the 10-mile radius at no cost to the parent.

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Program

Spectrum Charter School is working hard at becoming more environmentally friendly. Our program includes Reducing our consumption of resources and Reusing materials like furniture as much as possible. When we no longer have any use of the item, it is donated to a person or organization that can use it. We Recycle items like paper, plastic bottles, bags, cardboard, and hard to recycle items.


We are currently in the preliminary stages of developing a building expansion plan. The preliminary new building plan includes energy efficient, healthy and high performance strategies.