Transition: School-To-Work

The Transition Department sets up, maintains, and supervises the Community Based Vocational Training sites. At these sites, students work as volunteers to improve their work readiness skills. Each class participates at the sites at least on a bimonthly basis.

The Transition Department plans and instructs Transition Classes. The classes take place twice a month preparing students for life after high school graduation. The classes include interest inventories and career skill assessment.

For students that display competitive work skills, the Transition Department assists in looking and applying for a job with an end goal of retaining a job in the community. Quite often, we will use one of our community partner sites to set up a Community Based Assessment. It is used as a way of assessing the student’s ability to perform a particular job or to showcase his or her skills for a potential employer.

Attention Local Employers!

What would you say to providing a student the valuable opportunity to pursue their vocational interests while helping your business at no cost to you?

What do you think about the chance to gain a better perspective of one of the job–eager students who just might become your most valuable employee?

If we’ve sparked your interest, please continue reading below for more information regarding the Community-Based Assessment (CBA) program.

Here’s How It Works:

Spectrum Charter School (SCS) staff identifies students who have work readiness skills, a realistic vocational goal and the motivation to take their interests a step further.

SCS staff looks for a business that offers jobs that relate to the student’s vocational goal.

SCS staff visits the place of business to complete a job analysis to ensure that it is a good fit for both the business and the student.

During the visit, staff determines expectations of the business during the CBA.

General expectations include

  • Allowing the student to do real work that is closely related to their vocational goal
  • Give evaluative feedback to Spectrum Charter School staff and the student regarding their ability to pursue their vocational goal
  • Provide initial training of both the student and staff performing the job coaching
  • Ensure a safe working environment
  • Before the CBA would begin, the schedule and duration of the experience would be agreed upon by Spectrum Charter School staff, the student and the business (usually 3 days a week for 2-3 weeks).
  • An agreement letter would be signed by all parties; assuring that Spectrum Charter School is responsible for any liability including accidental injury that might occur to the student during the CBA.
  • Spectrum Charter School staff will accompany the student during the CBA to provide job coaching.
  • At the end of the CBA, the business may wish to hire the student. This may be possible but it is not the main objective of the CBA and the business is under no obligation to do so.

If your place of business would be interested in hosting a CBA or learning more, please call Amber Simcic at 412-374-8130 or email